Bumblebee Bouquet

Bumblebee Bouquet

oil on linen, 24 × 24 inches
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Verdant Dreams: Landscape Paintings
 of the American West

Stremmel Gallery, Reno, NV
October 24 – November 24, 2019

The work represented in this exhibition constitutes three years of work and highlights the landscapes to which I have traveled and spent time. That includes, of course, my home base in Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. During this time I have also traveled to Wyoming, Death Valley, and the northern coast of California on painting excursions. The locales are important only in that I feel a great regard for creating a deep sense of place in each of my paintings – capturing as best I can the personality of a given locale. What interests me more, however, is using the landscape as a metaphor for our own interior landscapes, or mindscapes. Through exaggeration, distortion, diminution, and other elements available to the artist, I am hoping to bring about a narrative that speaks to an inner reality. A reality that takes place between the interior world of the viewer and that of nature. It is also my hope that these paintings make clear my true and abiding love of nature, achieved through a careful study of its infinite variations. This body of work includes more of the living creatures that animate the landscape – birds, butterflies, bugs, etc. Their presence adds to the rhythmic oneness of the natural world and hopefully relates to us that fragile balance of which we are the mindful stewards.

For more information about my exhibition, please visit Stremmel Gallery’s website.